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Spain’s New Digital Nomad Visa – Who’s Eligible And The Tax Benefits 

May 2022 Property sales boom with best figures since 2007 SPAIN’S property market is bouncing back fast with home sales up 25.6% year-on-year and a 10.5% increase on February’s total, according to the National Statistics Institute.It is a very good time to invest, but borrowers need to keep their eyes open.With an array of banks […]

Taxation In Spain 2 – Real Estate Investments

Villa Elia – Luxurious Villa

April 2022 A Word of advice. As Brits fly out to house hunt as the summer approaches, here are Tancrede de Pola’s hottest tips for avoiding the most common pitfalls. IT can be astonishing how lightly some house hunters take purchasing a property in Spain.  Whether you’re looking to retire, invest in a rental home […]

Padel Mania hits Marbella

Padel Mania Hits Marbella

Padel tennis, a sport that has remained largely unknown outside of Spain and Argentina until recently, is now becoming an international sensation. The game itself has been around since the mid 70’s in those countries – with more than 20 000 courts across Spanish lands alone; there are currently estimated to be 4 million active […]

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