A little about the company founder…Angelo Collins

Angelo came to Marbella from London after a lengthy and productive time in the hospitality industry initially for a year’s break. That was over 17 years ago, the change in lifestyle clearly suited him. His children had the benefits of growing up experiencing an outdoor life in the beautiful sunshine, mixing with friends from all over the world in this wonderful cosmopolitan landscape.  Free from the hustle and bustle of a major European city like London, framed with blue skies and bright sunshine all year round.


Initially dipping his toes in the local hospitality and import business. Angelo was encouraged to enter the real estate industry and has never looked back.


In the following years Angelo built up an extensive network of real estate contacts and professionals, working with developers, acquiring expertise and invaluable local knowledge along the way.


Angelo’s background in the hospitality industry, experience in owning and running different types of businesses has greatly assisted him in understanding and embracing the nuances of the real estate sector, and communicating with clients, property owners and developers.


Having a young family when relocating here himself, has helped Angelo understand what potential buyers are looking for when searching for property themselves, above and beyond the property itself.

Associate Director…
James W Phillips

We are thrilled to introduce James W Phillips, a dynamic entrepreneur, whose remarkable journey has led him to become a pivotal figure in the business landscape. As the mastermind behind the JWP Media Group, James has consistently showcased his visionary leadership and innovative spirit, carving a distinct niche for himself in various industries.


With a fusion of passion and expertise, James Phillips is embarking on a new chapter of his professional journey as he joins Marbella and beyond as an Associate Director. His affiliation with Marbella and beyond promises to be an invaluable partnership, one that capitalizes on his innate talents and industry acumen.


Through his collaborative efforts with Marbella and beyond, he has garnered an intimate knowledge of the real estate landscape, further solidifying his reputation in the field. His strategic insights and innovative approach to the business are set to enhance the real estate experience for our clients.


James’s story is an embodiment of dedication, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit. His alignment with Marbella and beyond as an Associate Director signifies not only a professional partnership but a shared commitment to excellence, growth, and delivering unparalleled value to our clients.


We warmly welcome James to his new role, confident that his passion and expertise will continue to drive us toward greater success. His presence among us is a reflection of our collective aspiration to elevate the real estate industry and create extraordinary experiences for those we serve.

Jwp Media Group

Living In Marbella

The Marbella property landscape has changed beyond recognition since the global pandemic and travel restrictions that accompanied it. As airlines took to the skies once more, a new influx of property prospectors flocked to the coast, eager to return to normality.


They brought an altogether new brand of buyer looking to the already popular destination for second and third homeowners and living in Marbella – one that after being confined to home working and a forced lockdown hiatus, has discovered a new way of living. This new buyer of properties in Marbella, is young, vibrant, and upwardly mobile – as well as keen to enjoy life and make the most of Marbella properties and the new opportunities to develop their careers and businesses from a home base that offers greater quality of life.

Marbella has changed

Post Pandemic and national lockdowns, work lifestyles have dramatically changed forever. People have had a reset, and there has been a massive shift in work/lifestyle attitudes that reconfigure modern work practices.

From the lifting of travel restrictions and since life has returned to normal, we have seen dramatic changes in the buying demographic looking for properties in Marbella and beyond.

This influx of new, work/lifestyle buyers is young, can work largely from home or remotely, and is affluent. They want to work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labour now! Demanding high speed internet, quick travel connections, as well as secure and safe communities close to vibrant modern amenities. Not to mention Marbella properties set in beautiful landscapes framed by blue skies and the sea, with modern finishes and creature comforts, whilst still tipping its hat to Andalusian/Spanish influences.  

Developers have been quick to spot the change in consumer demand and have reacted, meeting the demands of this new, modern buyer and their desired properties in Marbella.

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